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Apr 15, 2017


BoldCity Contemporary Ensemble 2017 Call-for-Scores Results


We announced our first Call-For-Scores on Feb 15, 2017 and were deeply touched and excited to receive compositions from around the world.  Our goal is to foster creativity and the promotion of 21st century music by composers of all ages, to connect with that music ourselves, and to share it with our concert-goers in upcoming seasons.


First and foremost, thank you for sharing your music with us!  We look forward to developing a working relationship with each of you at some point in the future, so please stay in touch by email, on FaceBook, and via our website.  (,


We received 425 scores in 3 categories from composers of all ages.  Through a fascinating and overwhelming journey of new-music-exploration, we really struggled to make final decisions!  There were so many deserving works: if yours isn’t among those selected it may be only because we tried to balance the full selection stylistically.  We need you all to keep writing and exploring.  Be brave and Bold.


Due to the large number of pieces we truly enjoyed and would like to perform we decided to announce more selections than we initially intended and spread them over our 2 upcoming seasons, 2017-18 and 2018-19. The pieces we selected for performances are listed below in their corresponding categories. We will next decide how to pair them in each concert over the next two seasons. Selected composers will be contacted by email to arrange score and parts acquisitions as well as to discuss details.


Thank you again for sharing your music with us!  And stay tuned for concert announcements.


Warm wishes,


The BCCE Team


We are excited to announce our selections for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons...


Age: Up to 18


Shreya Ja, Through a Daydream


Age: 18-35


Danilo Luigi Comitini, Canzone

Ian Ng, Hop Out and Shuffle Away

Juan Vasquez, Fauna of Mirrors III

Keane Southard, The Dove in the Ash Grove

Nebojsa Macura, Six Year Interlude

Nell Shaw Cohen, Into Nowhere

Richard Chowenhill, What’s My Name

Scott Ordway, Let There Be Not Darkness But Light

Tyler Kemp, Interlace

Shiaun Chang, Monk


Adult category:

Ana Santillian, Some People Say

Andrew Sigler, Finding the Air Up There

Daniel Musselman, Twisted Light

Eduardo Soutullo, As The Spirit Wanes

Eun Young Lee, *12*

Gary Smart, Song of the Holy Ground

Giulia Monducci, Marbles

Jason Doell, Austerity Measure and Collective Actions

John R. McGinn, Trio, Mvmt II: Flowing

Lansing McLoskey, Whirl

Sungji Hong, Luminous Flux

Zack Browning, Sol Moon Rocker


Call for Scores

Purpose: To nurture creativity and give performance opportunities to composers of all ages.

Submission rules: 

  • There is no submission fee.


  • Only 1 submission per composer.

  • Composers of all nationalities and ages can apply in 3 different categories.

    • Young composers (up 18 years old)

    • College-age composers (18-35 years old)

    • Adult composers (over 35 years old)

  • We are a 21st Century ensemble looking to build the future of classical music: we are accepting pieces composed in the 21st Century only.

  • Submitted pieces may have been previously performed, awarded, and recorded.

  • Single or multi-movement works are accepted.

  • Acoustic-only works of any aesthetic/stylistic direction or genre are accepted.

    • Electroacoustic works won’t be accepted at this time.


  • Works including improvisation, experimental, and non-standard/graphic notation are accepted.


  • Pieces may be scored for any duo combination or up to 9 of any of the following instruments, in any combination:

       2 violins, viola, cello, clarinet (doubling on Bb, A, Eb, Bass), flute (doubling on piccolo, alto), bassoon (doubling on

       contrabassoon), trumpet (doubling on piccolo, flugelhorn), piano (acoustic or electric keyboards), saxophone (alto,

       tenor, baritone), oboe


  • No additional instruments or substitutions are available at this time.


  • Works must be 10 minutes or less in duration. Movements from longer works are accepted.


  • Electronic submission only: 

    • E-mail to  a PDF score of your piece and a link to a recording (dropbox/soundcloud/youtube etc.). Midi sound files are acceptable if no live recording is available. Please, DO NOT ATTACH MP3 FILES TO E-MAIL.

    • Submission is not anonymous: write your name, age, title of your piece, instrumentation, length, and a link to your website (if available).


  • Deadline for submissions is Feb 15, 2017.


  • Results will be announced by email and on BCCE website and on BCCE social media on Apr 15, 2017. From each age group we will select up to 5 pieces to be performed during our concerts in 2017 and 2018. Composers will get a recording from the live performance.


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